About this edition

This bible of regional fly-fishing lore, lies and locations is warranted to retain the charm and originality of the first edition.

Updated information from regional fly-fishing clubs and guides will make this book the trusted source for Hill Country angling expeditions.

Full color plates illustrate the Go-To flies for any situation, including tying recipes and information.

Enhanced with GPS coordinates and local source contact information for easy navigation to productive sites.

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“A complete restoration and update of the 1987 classic Fly-Fishing the Texas Hill Country.”

About the author

For nearly 20 years I have been living, fishing and guiding here in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Many of you have taken one of my casting lessons, attended one of my workshops, seen me on television or read one of my magazine articles and know that fishing the Texas Hill Country is my true passion. I have always believed that we live in a largely untapped fly fishing paradise.

Like most of you, Bud Priddy’s groundbreaking book, Fly Fishing the Texas Hill Country, opened up a whole new world of fly fishing opportunities. With Bud’s untimely passing the book was headed for obscurity but after years of research and the cooperation and blessing of the Priddy family, I have been blessed with the task of updating and republishing this classic book.